Louisville Medicine Volume 66, Issue 2 | Page 20

July 2018 Harding Shymanski quarter page ad GLMS.ai 1 6/11/2018 11:38:34 AM C M The GLMSA is seeking part-time non-medical interns- ideal candidates - GLMSA eligible member (child or spouse of a physician) exploring a career in communications, digital media, computer graphics, marketing or the like, able to connect us on social media, have good writing and/or verbal communication skills, able to attend some day/evening meetings. Y CM MY CY CMY We are genuinely grateful for all the assistance Harding, Shymanski accounting, payroll, and billing have given us over the years. We strongly believe signing on with them was the smartest business decision we have made! We would strongly recommend them to any business in the area. Dr. Paul and Elisa Morrison K For more info go to glms.org Alliance tab or call Debi McDonald, GLMSA President 502-419-9090 Contact Michele R. Graham, CPA 800.880.7800 • www.hsccpa.com Louisville, KY • Evansville, KY Parent of HSC Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC HOW OLD IS YOUR ROSTER PHOTO? Take advantage of a special deal and move into the 21st Century Hollie Colwick Photography is currently offering a discount for GLMS members. Business portraits for GLMS physicians are a specially discounted rate at the Hollie Colwick Photography Studio. Digital copies and prints are available at a variety of reasonable prices. For more information, email [email protected] and mention GLMS! www.holliecolwick.com [email protected] 18 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE