Louisville Medicine Volume 65, Issue 8 - Page 20

FEATURE "This was a fantastic look at some of the challenges doctors are facing today." Jean Porter, Deputy Director of Communications for Louisville Mayors Office Paired with Wayne Tuckson, MD "I had a blast! The entire experience was memorable and I appreciate the GLMS including me in this year’s program. And, thank you for pairing me with Dr. Bob Couch. He is a true gentleman." Sen. Dorsey Ridley Paired with Bob Couch, MD "Thank you to GLMS. I really enjoyed the experience and was so grateful to be paired with Dr. Murphy. It was eye opening to me. I really found the way Dr. Murphy approaches his work to be so inspiring. I really appreciated having the opportunity to learn. Thank you for spending time with me and thank you to GLMS for allowing us all to partake in this. I admire the work you do as care providers in our community." Teresa Reno-Weber, Metro United Way President/CEO Paired with James Patrick Murphy, MD "My day with Dr. Sosnin started at 7:30 a.m. I left at about 10 til 8 that evening. We saw about 34 cases that day. This is one busy man. I walked into this experience not knowing what to expect. The low level of population health this man deals with on a daily basis while staying positive is shocking. He does a lot with very little resources, and the level of commitment he’s able to maintain and the personal contact he has with patients is amazing." David Buschman, HEN Managing Director Paired with Brian Sosnin, MD "When I got up to leave that morning, my daughter who works at the children’s hospital said “Dad, I hope you don’t find out today that you missed your calling” And I can say unequivocally that she doesn’t have to worry. I was already impressed with what medicine makes possible, but spending a day with Dr. Williams makes me even more in awe. Seeing the patients in the office, the way he was able to communicate with them and help them be at ease with what was coming, he was obviously trusted by them. It’s not about what he could do, it’s about what each patient needs. " Metro Councilman Kevin Kramer Paired with Russ Williams, MD, Pictured with Councilwoman Cinci Fowler "The thing I was most amazed by was the relationship that Dr. Sohi had with her patients. They were all so comfortable with her. It was really inspiring, and I really enjoyed the day. Thank you very much." Drew Chambers, MCM CPAs & Advisors Partner Paired with Sunana Sohi, MD 18 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE