Louisville Medicine Volume 65, Issue 7 - Page 7

From the PRESIDENT Robert A. Zaring, MD, MMM GLMS President | [email protected] THE CONCLUSION OF A HISTORIC YEAR A s the curtain begins to close on 2017, I wanted to take some time to review a few of the ma- jor endeavors undertaken by the Greater Louisville Medical Society (GLMS) over the last year. Three particularly notable tasks were the move GLMS headquarters, refocus of the GLMS Foundation, and reengineering of the Cen- tralized Application Processing Service (CAPS) program. The GLMS headquarters moved from the Old Medical School Building to the Fleur- di-Lis building on Main Street in the early part of the year. The move has been over- whelmingly successful, and the organization has been able to make great use of the new facility, adorned with our newly designed logo. The new facility is strategically locat- ed downtown and is near the University of Louisville Medical School which has allowed medical students to frequent the facility using its free Wi-Fi and Quills coffee. We also hosted the President’s Inauguration there in late May. I encourage you to visit GLMS headquarters if you have not seen the facility yet. The move to the Fleur-di-Lis building was instigated by the sale of the Old Medical School Building. The Old Medical School Building was essentially operated by the GLMS Foundation so, with its sale, the focus of the Foundation had to change. Under the leadership of Dr. K. Thomas Reichard, the Foundation has been working hard to re-evaluate the mission and function of its various activities. This process is still underway but the Foundation is set for several changes. It has already undergone an evaluation by a Louisville Ignite team, had strategic planning meetings, sponsored numerous GLMS premier events, and is in the process of creating several unique Foun- dation events focusing on mission work and education. If you have an interest in serving on the Board of the Foundation, please contact Bert Guinn as Dr. Reichard is always searching for new enthusiastic board members. In my first article and inauguration speech, I discussed the new GLMS logo, now becoming a well-recognized symbol of GLMS and its extraordinary brand. I would like to offer a huge thanks to all those in- volved in creating it. I also mentioned that the society heard members’ critiques re- garding CAPS. We took those complaints seriously. We at GLMS wanted to come up with a program that we could all be proud of and that would ease the burden on phy- sicians and hospitals. After contemplation, it was decided to task Jeff Goldberg, MD, with the challenge of solving this problem. Dr. Goldberg graciously took on the task as a volunteer and donated all his hard work and keen insight to the project and the Lou- isville medical community. One of his first activities was to review the current system and then have a meeting of all the stake- holders, including several key members of various hospitals’ leadership. Dr. Goldberg was able to obtain great buy-in to the proj- ect and Norton Healthcare even agreed to donate their process improvement team to the endeavor. Dr. Goldberg, along with the process improvement team from Norton and the tireless work of GLMS Director of Member & Client Services Jessica Williams, found several problems with the current CAPS system. One of the largest problems was the use of an outdated software program. The team researched several different systems and chose Cactus software. This system is one of the premiere software programs for credentialing and offers extensive capabil- ities that were not present in the previous software. One of the features I think GLMS members will greatly appreciate is that it allows for a paperless system. Cactus, with its improved functionality, will also free up more time for GLMS staff to have more interaction with GLMS members during their credentialing process. The experience of reengineering the system has also made it possible to have greater communication among the various hospitals and GLMS’ credentialing service, which will speed up the entire process of credentialing a physi- cian. The first use of the system occurred in October and the new service will be known as MedCentral. I hope you notice a dra- matic improvement, and we at GLMS look forward to your feedback as we continue to improve the service. The above activities are only a few of the things that were done this year but I thought they were particularly notable. I hope you can tell that GLMS is as energetic and dy- namic as ever, and we continue to strive for a Society that truly serves the needs of the medical community. I have no doubt that next year will be equally as exciting and as always, I encourage anyone interested to get involved and to voice an opinion. The Society is only as strong as the participation of its members. Dr. Zaring is an anatomic and clinical patholo- gist with Louisville Pathology Associates and practices at Jewish Hospital. DECEMBER 2017 5