Louisville Medicine Volume 65, Issue 2 | Page 21

ON THE COVER society is making its way to de-stigmatize the diagnosis of mental health disorders, we in the medical community have a long way to go in creating comprehensive medical care for those suffering from “invisible illness.” The truth of the matter is that these patients are human beings and deserving of the same medical care as a 3-year- old with a cough or your aunt with breast cancer. They need regular screenings, preventative care and adequate follow up. They need empathy, a full measure of compassion, understanding and your best medical attention. What drives me crazy is the clear medical inequality unfolding in front of my eyes, and the lack of recognition of our failings here from our profession. Natalie Spiller is a third year medical student at the University of Louisville. PROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT PACKAGE The GLMS Professional Announcement Package provides mailings and printed announcements in the monthly publications to let your colleagues know about changes in your practice. Outsource your next mailing to GLMS. CONTACT Cheri McGuire, Director of Marketing 502.736.6336 [email protected] We all work together for a healthier Kentucky. passporthealthplan.com/together MARK62835 JULY 2017 19