Louisville Medicine Volume 65, Issue 11 - Page 37

MEMBERS Captions capability. It’s really fun to teach. I enjoy getting out from behind the desk, and it fulfills a desire to continue working with animals.” Dr. Weakley-Jones has also served as a clinical professor for the UofL School of Medicine, a gratis faculty member at UK and a volunteer advisor for the Louisville Zoo. When the position of Coroner opened in 2010, she jumped at the chance to leave her mark on an office with whom she’d long collaborated. “I knew Jerry Abramson, the mayor at the time, and he was responsible for appointing a coroner when there was a vacancy out of sync with election years. I told him I was going to run for coroner as my time as medical examiner was coming to an end. I’d already worked with the deputies. He said, ‘Why the heck would you want to be coroner?’ I don’t think he realized that I’d been examining deceased cases as medical examiner already. As coroner, I fill out the paper work requesting the medical examiner perform their autopsies and gather evidence.” and Scott. Each one is now married with a pair of children of their own, one in California and the other in Colorado. When asked her goals for the future, she says in a near whisper, “Retire.” Although it won’t happen right away, Dr. Weakley-Jones and her husband soon hope to buy an RV and make long trips out West. “We want to see our grandkids and spend some time traveling. That’s the plan,” she said. “I’m proud of this service I’ve been able to provide for Kentucky and for Jefferson County. I love this job and the people I work with. I never thought I’d be here.” Aaron Burch is the communications specialist for the Greater Louisville Medical Society. Dr. Weakley-Jones has now been elected t wice to the office of Coroner, carrying out four-year terms from 2011-2014 and then 2015-2018. At the time of this interview, she had just filed paper- work to appear on the ballot in the 2018 election. “No one wanted to run against me,” she laughed. “I have no opponents, so I’ll be the coroner for the next four years.” Although she loves her work, she hopes to relax and enjoy the quiet life soon. She and her husband raised two children, Stephanie APRIL 2018 35