Louisville Medicine Volume 65, Issue 11 - Page 34

OPINION DOCTORS Lounge (continued from page 31) and “the flu swab is negative,” make them tell you why you do not have the flu and explain how your eyes look. Look in the mirror: are your eyes smallish, slitted and reddened? You have it. Don’t believe anybody who says it is not flu, if you cannot stand to be vertical and your eyes match the picture. Make them take care of you right, or go somewhere else. This year’s flu has three distinct pre- sentations. The worst is what we call the Bomb Flu, the lethal flu A. You are fine in the morning and, by afternoon, you have a fever of 104 and you can barely walk. Several of my patients already have had an audible pneumonia, eight hours in. I give those pa- tients antibiotics that kill staph and strep instantly; the ones with pneumonia go right in the hospital. Dr. Shannon Lynn described the other flu A the best: it’s a sneaky progressive flu. You start with a scratchy throat or sinus problems for a couple days, then you think “Okay, that’s that.” Then 12-24 hours later, Boom! to bed you go, coughing, headache-y, miserable and sick. Those people get a chest cough too, and when it hits their chests, we treat them too with antibiotics. Having people die of pneumonia from flu is NOT a good idea. This flu A is the only variety of flu I have ever seen that does not always involve fever. change some, but the Flu Eyes do not. Once you recognize them, I see no point in doing swabs that cost the patient money and d