Louisville Medicine Volume 62, Issue 8 - Page 5

GLMS BOARD OF GOVERNORS BOARD CHAIR James Patrick Murphy, MD, MMM PRESIDENT AND AMA DELEGATE Bruce A. Scott, MD PRESIDENT-ELECT Robert H. Couch, MD, MBA VICE PRESIDENT Heather L. Harmon, MD TREASURER John L. Roberts, MD SECRETARY Tracy L. Ragland, MD AT-LARGE Frank R. Burns, MD AT-LARGE John D. Kolter, MD AT-LARGE Jeffrey L. Reynolds, MD AT-LARGE Neal J. Richmond, MD AT-LARGE Wayne Tuckson, MD AT-LARGE Regi Varghese, MD IN-TRAINING DELEGATE Alex Cravanas, MD AMA ALTERNATE DELEGATE Robert A. Zaring, MD, MMM KMA 5TH DISTRICT TRUSTEE Randy Schrodt Jr., MD KMA 5TH DISTRICT ALTERNATE TRUSTEE David R. Watkins, MD GLMS FOUNDATION PRESIDENT K. Thomas Reichard, MD DEAN, U OF L SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Toni M. Ganzel, MD, MBA DIRECTOR, LOUISVILLE METRO DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH & WELLNESS LaQuandra S. Nesbitt, MD, MPH THE HEALING PLACE PRESIDENT Karyn Hascal GLMS ALLIANCE CO-PRESIDENTS Michelle Feger & Rhonda Rhodes LOUISVILLE GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY MEDICINE VOL. 62 NO. 8 JANUARY 2015 18 WEARING THE WHITE COAT: REFLECTIONS Scott C. Williamson, Ph.D. LOUISVILLE MEDICINE EDITORIAL BOARD EDITOR Mary G. Barry, MD Elizabeth A. Amin, MD Waqar C. Aziz, MD Deborah Ann Ballard, MD, MPH R. Caleb Buege, MD Arun K. Gadre, MD Stanley A. Gall, MD Larry P. Griffin, MD Jonathan E. Hodes, MD, MS Martin Huecker, MD Thomas James, III, MD Sarah Khayat Teresita Bacani-Oropilla, MD Tracy L. Ragland, MD Ben Rogers, MD M. Saleem Seyal, MD Dave Langdon, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness James Patrick Murphy, MD, MMM, board chair Bruce A. Scott, MD, president Robert H. Couch, MD, MBA, president-elect Lelan K. Woodmansee, CAE, executive director Bert Guinn, MBA, CAE, associate executive director Kate Williams, communications designer Aaron Burch, communications specialist DEPARTMENTS 5 FAIR CONTRACTING ADVERTISING Cheri K. McGuire, director of marketing 736.6336, cheri.mcguire@glms.org Bruce Scott, MD 8 REFLECTIONS - TECHNOLOGY, OUR INEVITABLE PARTNER Teresita Bacani-Oropilla, MD 12 ALLIANCE NEWS FEATURES 6 PUBLIC REPORTING OF PHYSICIANS Thomas James III, MD 10 A DOCTOR’S FIRST DUTY Sarah Khayat 14 ANOTHER DAY (NIGHT) IN HARM’S WAY LOUISVILLE MEDICINE is published monthly by the Greater Louisville Medical Society, 101 W. Chestnut St. Louisville, Ky. 40202 (502) 589-2001, Fax 581-9022, www.glms.org. Articles to be submitted for publication in LM must be received on electronic file on the first day of the month, two months preceding publication. Opinions expressed herein are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Greater Louisville Medical Society. LM reminds readers this is not a peer reviewed scientific journal. LM reserves the right to make the final decision on all content and advertisements. Circulation: 4,000 Roger Salot, MD 21 BOOK REVIEW 26 FAMILY HEALTH M. Saleem Seyal, MD, FACC, FACP Aaron Burch 23 DR. WHO? 30 THE FOUR C’S OF Aaron Burch )