Louisville Medicine Volume 62, Issue 8 - Page 36

GLMS NEWSLETTER GOING ALL DIGITAL! 9:41 AM 100% Beginning in January 2015, the Greater Louisville Medical Society Newsletter will be moving to an exclusively digital format. While our print edition will no longer exist, GLMS is excited to offer a fresh take on the physician updates you need by creating an interactive version available at your fingertips each month via the GLMS App and www.glms.org. This green initiative will drastically reduce paper usage while maximizing membership funds and maintaining the GLMS’s outstanding quality of service to our members in every way possible. So that GLMS may more accurately keep you informed, please make sure we have your current e-mail address on file. Information can be updated with us via www.glms.org or by contacting GLMS Membership Coordinator Jennifer Howard at 736-6362 or Jennifer.howard@glms.org. Our Vital Signs publication will also enter an exclusively digital format in 2015. Louisville Medicine magazine, however, remains committed to a print edition. Look for more information in the coming months as we prepare for these exciting changes! 34 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE