Louisville Medicine Volume 62, Issue 8 - Page 26

(continued from page 23) adoption into a unique and noble creation, Naomi’s Fund. Created by Andy and Julie through Lifesong for Orphans, Naomi’s Fund is for families who wish to adopt a child but who are unable due to financial barriers. Naomi’s Fund donates funds to parents as necessary and also contributes to schools for orphans in Ethiopia where it is currently helping to build a high school. Andy and Julie Gould hope to facilitate 40 adoptions through the service. So far, they’ve been able to help 18 children find good homes. it’s kind of cultish or whatever. But I love the fact that it’s a full body exercise. Basically, you’re looking at strength, flexibility and endurance all together,” he said. “I think this is a more sustainable and long term fitness method. Every day is new.” Dr. Gould, age 46, practices CrossFit multiple times per week in a group setting at Derby City CrossFit. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of really great people. A lot of them are half my age but we encourage each other, push each other. I’m always trying to keep up with the younger guys.” Another advantage to the program is that it’s time sensitive, requiring only an hour each day. Although he’s loved medicine and fitness since he was in school, Dr. Gould’s most passionate subjects are also his more recent, his wife and three daughters. The Goulds’ oldest daughter, Libby, is 13. Their younger two, Mia and Sophie, are both 9 and were adopted from Indiana and China respectively. “I don’t think we’ll stop at 40, but hitting that number will be pretty exciting,” said Dr. Gould. “I actually traveled with some friends of ours to Ethiopia when they went to adopt their daughter. That trip was incredible. I visited some orphanages and assisted in basic medical care. And I got to see them meet their new daughter, Maddie, and bring her home.” In his free time, professional time and family time, Dr. Gould is a natural collaborator and a humble embodiment of the Hippocratic Oath. Caring for patients as a physician, improving the practice of medicine as a researcher, and helping families in need as a cofounder of Naomi’s Fund, he serves all, quietly working in the heart of Louisville. Note: Aaron Burch is the communications specialist for the Greater Louisville Med