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Loudon County Education seeking information and support from numerous nonprofits and agencies locally and in the state, including Loudon County Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver program, Mid-East Community Action Agency, Read Tennessee, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ten- nessee Valley, TennCare, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Child Advocacy Center of the Ninth Judicial District and local food pantries. For more information, call Cindy Purdy at 865-986- 2036. l Coordinated School Health — Provides information and support services on a range of topics, including mental health counseling, immunization information, childhood obesity, physical fitness and well-being, school safety, staff wellness and nutrition. For more information, call Kate Galyon at 865-986- 2036. l Career and Technical Education — Prepares students for all post-high school opportunities as they move through curriculum-based career awareness, exploration, planning and preparation, leading to a realistic individualized career plan, which is compatible with the student’s abilities, aptitudes and interests. For more information, call Matthew Tinker at 865-986- 2036. Who to call l Central office — Interim Director of Schools Michael Gar- ren, 100 River Road, Loudon, TN 37774; phone: 865-458-5411; fax: 865-458-6138; email: garrenm@loudoncounty.org; website: www.loudoncounty.org l Eaton Elementary School — Principal Ashley Baessler, 423 Hickory Creek Road, Lenoir City, TN 37771; phone: 865-986- 2420; fax: 865-988-5550; email: baesslera@loudoncounty.org; website: www.ees.loudoncounty.org l Fort Loudoun Middle School — Principal Patrick Bethel, 1083 Mulberry St., Loudon, TN 37774; phone: 865-458-2026; fax: 865-458-6611; email: bethelp@loudoncounty.org; website: www.flms.loudoncounty.org l Greenback School — Principal Michael Casteel, 6945 Morganton Road, Greenback, TN 37742; phone: 865-856-3028; fax: 865-856-7348; email: casteelm@loudoncounty.org; website: www.gbs.loudoncounty.org l Highland Park Elementary School — Principal Kathy Winsor, 4404 Highway 11 East, Lenoir City, TN 37772; phone: 865-986-2241; fax: 865-988-7495; email: winsork@loudoncounty. org; website: www.hpe.loudoncounty.org l Loudon Elementary School — Principal Christie Amburn, 2175 Roberts Road, Loudon, TN 37774; phone: 865-458-2001; fax: 865-458-1405; email: amburnc@loudoncounty.org; website: www.les.loudoncounty.org l Loudon High School — Principal Scott MacKintosh, 1039 Mulberry St., Loudon, TN 37774; phone: 865-458-4326; fax: 865-458-0717; email: mackintoshs@loudoncounty.org; website: www.lhs.loudoncounty.org l North Middle School — Principal Jodi Lowery, 421 Hickory Creek Road, Lenoir City, TN 37771; phone: 865-986-9944; fax: 865-988-9089; email: loweryj@loudoncounty.org; website: www.nms.loudoncounty.org l Philadelphia Elementary School — Principal Marvin Feezell, 300 Spring St., Philadelphia, TN 37846; phone: 865-458- 6801; fax: 865-458-6805; email: feezellm@loudoncounty.org; website: www.pes.loudoncounty.org l Steekee Elementary School — Principal Donna Stapleton, 4500 Steekee School Road, Loudon, TN 37774; phone: 865-458- 3322; fax: 865-458-9921; email: stapletond@loudoncounty.org; website: www.ses.loudoncounty.org v Loudon County Chamber of Commerce Living Guide 2020 n www.loudoncountychamber.com 29