Loot Crate Magazine December 2015 - Page 9

AUGUST - VILLAINS 2 A hero is only as good as their villain so we struck back with our second sequel, featuring a Los Pollos Hermanos Apron from Breaking Bad, EXCLUSIVE Joker Wooden Figure, Venom and Carnage 3D Mugs, and a Captain America Hydra Pin for all you sinister whisperers out there! SEPTEMBER - SUMMON We summoned up some cool stuff for back-to-school season, like the EXCLUSIVE Supernatural 1967 Chevy Impala, Pokémon Laplander Hat, Hearthstone Collectible Coin & Card Pack Code and more! OCTOBER - TIME We just had to celebrate Back to the Future this October, and we decided to pack the crate with some of our favorite time travelers for a 100% EXCLUSIVE crate! Items included the Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown Funko POP, Back to the Future Part II Hoverboard Replica, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure T-Shirt, and Doctor Who Sonic Spork! 7 LOOT CRATE MAGAZINE