Loot Crate Magazine December 2015 - Page 23

EXCLUSIVE HALO 5 AMMO TIN BOX HALO 5: GUARDIANS REQ PACK (A CROWDED COOP) (343 INDUSTRIES) A tin by any other name would not be as cool as this one. Decorative as well as functional, its look is inspired by the UNSC ammo crate tins used by Spartan soldiers in the Halo gaming franchise. Perfect for storing your gear or grub, it features a hinged top and military-style clasp. Halo 5’s new REQ System allows you to earn or buy REQ Packs, which contain virtual trading cards that grant you cool stuff, like cosmetic armor changes, weapons and even vehicles. What’s in our REQ Pack? You won’t know until you open it! Surprise! 21 LOOT CRATE MAGAZINE