Loot Crate Magazine December 2015 | Page 17

in a Halo game, and this gave us some unique opportunities in storytelling. Locke’s team are Spartan IVs that have distinguished themselves in different branches of the military and then are selected to join the program as adults. Spartan Locke was distinguished in ONI for capturing high value targets before being selected for the Spartan program. When Chief goes AWOL, he is the best Spartan to track down the legendary Spartan. Spartan Olympia Vale was part of the Navy and specialized in Sangheili Linguistics, this comes in handy while tracking Jul’Madama and navigating the Sangheili civil war. Spartan Holly Tanaka was an engineer in the Army and is a seasoned veteran bringing her experience to the team. Last but not least, Spartan Edward Buck returns to the franchise after serving as an ODST in Halo 3: ODST. The Chief and Blue team are part of the Spartan II program and were conscripted as children and raised as Spartans by the UNSC. You can see this in the relationships on each of the Fireteams where Blue Team and Chief are surrogate brothers and sisters naturally working together, while Fireteam Osiris is just going on their first mission 15 LOOT CRATE MAGAZINE