Loot Crate Magazine December 2015 - Page 16

build with the time and resources at hand. I spend a lot of time reviewing production plans with the team and, of course, playing the game to give feedback. Playtesting is definitely the most fun part of my day. LC EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Q&A CHRIS LEE WITH Halo 4 was originally planned to be the start of the “Reclaimer Trilogy,” but, before the launch of Halo 5, it was announced that the Reclaimer storyline was too big to limit to three games. Can you tell us more about that decision? We are really excited to continue the saga of the Master Chief in Halo 5: Guardians. We have such a rich and diverse universe that we are always looking for opportunities to tell exciting new stories for our fans, and we didn’t want to have to force that into a trilogy of video games. Whether it is through our games, novels, comics, or original programming like Halo: The Fall of Reach animated series, there are hundreds of stories we want tell in the Halo universe. Executive Producer of Halo 5: Guardians The spirit of discovery sometimes takes us to unexpected places. Dangerous places. Like a giant, ring-shaped space station with a sinister secret, for example. That’s where the Halo franchise started and it has continued to fascinate fans for five numbered installments (not to mention the spinoffs, novels, comics and more)! We talked to the Executive Producer of Halo 5: Guardians, Chris Lee to learn more. F or our Looters who might not know, can you tell us what an Executive Producer does? My role on Halo 5: Guardians is to be the primary driver for the production team. The producers facilitate the entirety of the development process. We track tasks, plan releases, and work with the team day-to-day to build epic gameplay experiences. We also manage the budgets and help the team understand what we can GALAXY What does Spartan Locke and the rest of Fireteam Osiris bring to the franchise and what are some ways you differentiated them from the Master Chief and Blue Team? This is the biggest cast of characters we have ever had 14