Lombok - Pop Up Schools | Page 36

SD Malaka 2 Pop Up School is located in the Pemenang District of Northwest Lombok.

This building was completely finished on Friday 2nd November 2018, but children were eager to get back to learning, so classes began at the Pop Up School earlier that week on Monday 29th October 2018. Upon final completion of construction, the school was fitted with a filing cabinet and cupboard, flooring, books, whiteboards, pencils and wooden blinds.

SD Malaka 2 Pop Up School is a great example of the power of collaboration. The original 4 classrooms at SD Malaka 2 were built by Inovasi, another NGO building temporary schools in Lombok. Inovasi needed a little bit of extra help to build 2 more classrooms. With your donations, Pelita built the 5th and 6th classrooms to complete SD Malaka 2 Pop Up School as a 6 classroom school which accommodates grades 1 through 6.


BELOW : Students and Pelita staff gather in front of their nearly complete Pop Up School.