Lombok - Pop Up Schools | Page 30

SD Patim 5 Pop Up School is located in the Pemenang Timur district, a Buddhist community of Lombok. This school has two classrooms and serves 74 students. An additional pop up room, supported by a local company, was built at this school as an office space for the teachers.

Directly across from the new Pop Up School is the old school which was destroyed by the earthquake.

Construction of SD Patim 5 finished on Sunday, 21st October 2018 and classes began on Monday 29th October 2018. Upon completion of construction, the school was fitted with a filing cabinet and cupboard, flooring, books, whiteboards, pencils and wooden blinds.

The teachers at this school have used bookshelves in the middle of each classroom to separate the rooms into two. The two classrooms are now functioning as four classrooms with each class consisting of only 15-20 students. The students are sitting on the carpet and using folding tables for writing.