Lombok - Pop Up Schools | Page 18


SD Pabar 7 Pop Up School is located in the Pemenang Barat district and serves 208 children from grade 1 through to grade 6. It consists of 3 buildings with a total of 6 classrooms.

The old school at SD Pabar 7 was completely destroyed by the earthquake. The grounds surrounding the new Pop Up School have been cleaned to provide a safe area for the children. Behind the Pop Up School the rubble remains from their old school. Handmade crafts still hang on the only wall still standing from the old school building.

Construction finished at the pop up schools on Saturday 27th October. Although the final touches, such as curtains and carpets, were not added until Sunday 4th November, students were eager to get back to class and have been using these pop up buildings since Wednesday 31st October.

Upon completion, all pop up schools are fitted with a filing cabinet and cupboard, flooring, books, whiteboard, pencils and wooden blinds.