Logistics Chef | Page 2

The job
Chefs plan , organise and prepare meals for our personnel at home , overseas , on the ground and for in-flight services , cater for VIPs and cook in the field in a tented environment .
As an RAF Chef you will cover a far larger field of professional experience than your civilian counterparts could ever hope for . RAF chefs have the opportunity to compete in regional , inter-service and international culinary competitions .
Later in your career you will also have the opportunity to apply for other assignments such as :
• As a member of No 3 Mobile Catering Squadron
• As a chef attached to an RAF regiment field squadron
• Personal chef to a VIP or senior officer
• Preparation of in-flight meals
• Chef instructor at Food Services Training Squadron Air . ( FSTS ( A ))
Your Future
Career Prospects
You initially join the RAF for a period of 12 years . If you ’ ve joined without qualifications , after a year you ’ ll be eligible for promotion to Senior Aircraftman / woman when you pass a trade ability test . Further promotion to the rank of Corporal and beyond is by competitive selection .
Transferable skills
The Production Chef Level 2 Apprenticeship that you will gain as part of your RAF Chef training is Industry Standard - this means that whenever you decide to leave the RAF , you will be well placed to find a job as a chef in any sector within the Catering and Hospitality .