LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JUNE 2016 - Page 10

Photography by Nick de la Torre ON OUR RADAR The IV trend has finally hit Houston with Thrive Drip Spa. The modern wellness spa delivers custom vitamin drips and boosters to maximize health, performance recovery and wellness. Celebrities have been embracing the trend for years and now you can too. Owned by two doctors, certified nurses administer the drips, intravenously delivering vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption. The space is ultra-clean and modern with comfortable chairs and music. From Party Drips offering a hangover cure to the original vitamin cocktail called the Myers Drip that started it all, get ready to Thrive. www.thrivedripspa.com Photography by Julie Soefer Old-school eatery Café Annie, which changed its name to RDG when it moved into BLVD Place on Post Oak, is taking it back to its roots with their 35year anniversary. Not only is the NAME CHANGING BACK TO CAFÉ ANNIE (which is what most of the locals continued to call it anyway), but they are bringing classic menu favorites back, those Chef Robert Del Grande is known for. 10 L O C A L | june 16