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The Maddie Boyers & Alex Nelson 2nd Year Medical Students LMSS Charities Sec 2016-17 We can see where the money raised from LMSS events goes and see the difference it makes in the city Following on from Boone and Hamish’s incredible year was never going to be an easy task. As freshers, we loved their events and were keen to get involved as much as we could. When March came around, we took the chance t o run for charity reps, and against some stiff* competition, we got ourselves a place on committee. After thinking about it carefully, we decided to choose two local charities, Claire House Children’s Hospice and The Whitechapel Centre. We are passionate about these charities as we can see where the money raised from LMSS events goes and see the difference it makes in the city we all call home for at least 5 years. At the end of April we had our charity debut, finding raffle prizes for the LMSS Summer Ball. Alongside revising for our VERY stressful first year exams, we managed to get a handful of great prizes kindly donated from local and national businesses which we hoped would go down well. After a stressful ‘girls gone wild’esque bus journey to Southport, losing charity buckets (that weren’t lost) and not quite remembering the raffle, we managed to raise £356.35 for Claire House. Not a bad start to our year. Summer Ball 2016 LMSS 3 Peaks 2016 3 Peaks : £17,271 raised!!!!! U WOT?!?! 3 peaks planning was well under way and by the end of summer we had 97 people signed up to hike across Yorkshires 3 biggest mountains** (yes, mountains), all this planning despite being half way across the world and living in 2 separate countries. Lupine Adventure Company pushed our team through the peaks and we couldn’t have done it without their encouragement and entertainment throughout the day. They even supported our ever so slightly hungover trouper, Gina, who only completed half of the first peak before realising that getting in at 3:30am for our 4am start wasn’t the best idea… By the time we reached the bottom of the first peak this was old news as we heard Femi had arrived in his Delta taxi from Liverpool after oversleeping and missing the bus that morning. Still to this day he won’t tell us how much he paid for that Delta but we appreciate the effort and he went on to complete the Yorkshire 2 peaks in a great time. The aches, pains and blisters were worth it at the end of the day when everyone smashed the 12hour challenge, with the first group coming in sub 9 hours and everyone else staggered not too far behind. We had a really fantastic day and we’re so proud of everyone. The total completely exceeded our expectations raising £17,271. We want to thank everyone who took part and to anyone who donated, it makes a huge difference. Sphincter magazine | volume 80 issue 2 | Winter 2016 edition 13 LMSS 3 Peaks 2016 group dances were a hit as usual and got the very generous doctors spending their hard earned cash. Dirty dancing was a highlight of the night, with last years’ charity reps stealing the show as well as the 5th years money, selling for the highest bid of the night. Pressure is on us for making our come back in next years show with a banger. The talent on the night was outstanding, and everyone will agree the night was a huge success, who’d have thought we’d have Eric Prydz, Justin Bieber and Adele in the Baltic Triangle. Alcohol and donations went hand in hand, as the night went on the bids got higher with the total from the night reaching £2437. There is no way we could have done this without the generosity of Camp and furnace, everyone loved drinking the night away listening to music next to the caravan and under the fairy lights. Charity Auction 2016 Camp & Furnace Give to charity now! Order some lovely naked calendars! With all the LMSS events during No Mercy November, we haven’t stopped. Despite being busy, this month our attention has been focused on getting as many people naked as possible for our LMSS Naked Calendar 2017 (great Christmas present). We’ve seen more bums, balls and nip slips than we ever have before, but its all for charity eh. We appreciate the huge effort made from everyone that took part, especially to the boys who went the extra mile hitting the gym on the run up to the big reveal- bound to increase our sales. The calendars will be a MUST HAVE item for every student house, a great stocking filler or for your own personal enjoyment so make ORDER YOUR NAKED CALENDARS NOW!! sure you get your orders in! We will be selling at the end of term with all proceeds going to our chosen charities. So far we have thoroughly enjoyed our role as LMSS Charity reps, it’s been a really busy term for us and not a day goes by without something to sort out. But each event has been so rewarding and successful it makes all the organising and stress worth it. We’ve been to visit Claire House Children’s Hospice and The Whitechapel centre and we can’t wait to put on more events this coming year as we’ve seen what a difference we can make. We’re so proud to be a part of a society that does so much for charity and we can’t thank you all enough for your efforts and support this year. We will be looking for some eligible bachelors and bachelorettes for LMSS Take Me Out in February so please let us know if you’re keen to get involved. We’re hoping to incorporate a fashion show into TMO, do a mystery bus tour, Jail Break, a coast to coast cycle and a raffle with great prizes for the LMSS Annual Ball. Don’t by shy and come along to our events, lets try and raise as much as we can for our chosen charities! Love, Malex xxx See this bucket?? PUT MONEY IN IT!! Sphincter magazine | volume 80 issue 2 | Winter 2016 edition