LJ-Smith-Linear-Collection-Cable-Instructions | Page 2

Place and Mount the Level Newels :
Refer to the table on page 1 for placement of newels . We recommend using our LJ-3004-3.5 Newel Mounting Kit to mount each newel post .
To ensure performance of our system , a stabilizing member such as our 3 / 4 " hollow stainless steel tube or S4S wood is required between all newel posts at the top predrilled position .
Installer Bolt
Installer Nuts
Steel Insert
Landing Tread
Hanger Bolt
Installer Nuts
1 . Follow the LJ-3004-3.5 Newel Mounting Kit instructions to drive the steel insert into the treads and install the hanger bolt into each newel ( G ).
2 . Mount the Level Stop Newel on the level run centerline at the end of the level run by threading the newel hanger bolt into the steel insert on the tread ( H ). Placing wax paper under the newel may help prevent marring the tread as the newel is tightened down . Trim away the excess wax paper once the position of the newel is permanently set .
Hanger Bolt
Landing Tread
Steel Insert
3 . Mount a Level Corner Newel at each level run corner in the same manner as 2 . above ( H ).
Level Start / Stop Newel
4 . The distance between the newels should not exceed 42 ". If the distance is greater than 42 ", a Level Pass Through Newel must be installed at 42 " maximum intervals between the installed Level Newels . Mount each Level Pass Through Newel on the centerline ( I ).
Rake Down Newel
42 " Maximum
Level Pass Through Newel
42 " Maximum
42 " Maximum
Level Corner Newel
Install the Handrail onto the Newels :
1 . Drill a hole 25 / 32 " x 1 " deep centered on the top of each newel to accept the provided 2 " x 3 / 4 " wooden dowel ( J ).
Drill 1 " Deep Hole
2 . Using construction adhesive , install the wooden dowel into the hole on the top of each newel .
Rake Newel
Level Newel
3 . Trim the 684 handrail to length for each run . Utilize handrail fittings for making turns or changes in elevation ( if desired ).
4 . Drill the bottom of the handrail to accept the wooden dowel previously installed in each newel ( J ).
5 . Using construction adhesive , place the handrail onto the newel dowels . Secure the handrail in place by installing 1½ " screws through the newels into the handrail bottom . Plug the holes ( K ).
1½ " Screw
2 " x 3 / 4 " Wooden Dowel
1½ " Screw
Install the Rake Cable Rail Fittings :
If cable rail fittings will be installed directly into a wall , be sure there are double 2x4s behind the finished drywall .
1 . Install the Fixed Rake Fittings into the Level Down Newel by driving the lag thread into each pre-drilled hole . Use the articulating portion of the fitting as a lever to rotate the lag end of the fitting into the newel ( L ). Tip : Coating each lag with paraffin wax and using a 6 " -8 " piece of 3 / 4 " PVC tube over the articulating portion may make this task easier .
Fixed Rake Fitting
Stop turning when the fitting shoulder makes contact with the newel face . Continue to rotate the fitting up to 1 / 4 turn to properly orient the fitting or it may be backed off 1 / 4 turn to achieve the proper orientation .