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Step 4 — Secure The Balusters To The Treads :
Photo 4a
1 . Fill the drilled tread holes half full with our two-part epoxy adhesive ( LI-3701 , LI-3704 or LI-3705 ). When using two-part epoxy , be aware of cure times . Construction adhesive may also be used . ( Photo 4a )
Photo 4b
2 . With a bottom base on each baluster , place all balusters in position on the treads . Fill any void around the bottom of the balusters with our two-part epoxy or construction adhesive . Rotate each baluster slightly to even the adhesive coverage . Use a combination square to straighten each baluster . ( Photo 4b )
3 . Secure every 6th baluster with a trim screw . ( Photo 4c )
Photo 4c
Step 5 — Secure The Balusters To The Handrail :
1 . If top baluster collars are being used , place one on each baluster . ( Photo 5a ) ( Note : The angle of the rake top baluster collars can be adjusted to the proper angle by using a hand held grinder or by clamping each collar on a chop saw and cutting the proper angle .)
2 . Fill the holes in the handrail half full with construction adhesive . ( Photo 5b ) Note : masking tape may be applied over the holes if the construction adhesive has a runny consistency .
3 . Position the handrail on top of the balusters and permanently secure the handrail to the newel posts . If masking tape was used over the holes in the handrail , the balusters will push through the tape when the handrail is installed . Then , remove the remainder of the tape on the bottom of the handrail . ( Photo 5c )
4 . Secure every 6th baluster to the handrail with a trim screw . ( Photo 5d )
Photo 5a
Photo 5c
Photo 5b
Photo 5d
Step 6 — Tighten The Baluster Collars :
1 . Any protruding epoxy or adhesive should be left to dry ( about 24 hours ) and can then be removed with a utility knife .
Photo 6a
2 . For collars with a set screw , use an allen wrench to secure each top collar against the handrail and each bottom collar against the tread . ( Photo 6a )
LI-40840 Baluster Hardware
1 . Place the hardware bracket around the baluster and position it where the baluster meets the wood handrail . Using the screw holes in the bracket as a template , mark and predrill two holes into the handrail to accept the hardware screws .
2 . Permanently secure the bracket to the handrail using the included screws .
Installing Medallions
1 . Open the medallion by twisting the two halves in opposite directions to separate the two halves .
2 . Screw the halves together tightly against the round opening of our medallion iron balusters .
Installing Adjustable Knuckles
Our Adjustable Knuckles are typically used on our LI-PLA44 and LIH-HOLPLA44 balusters to create a unique baluster design .
1 . After installing the balusters into the tread , but before placing the handrail on top of the balusters , slide the desired number of Adjustable Knuckles over each baluster .
2 . After placing the handrail on top of the balusters , slide each adjustable knuckle to the desired location and tighten the set screw using an allen wrench .
Form Number : LJ-1104 IRONINST
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