Living Well 60+ January-February 2014 - Page 7

JAN/FEB 2014 7 you’re contemplating putting some in come spring, consider planting three separate bushes relatively closely to each other so that they grow together to make an impressive display. Winter Dreams of Spring Gardens While awaiting thaw, perusing gardening catalogues can be therapeutic and inspiring by Frank Kourt, Staff Writer Despite the wintry breezes, icy bushes and the cold, hard ground that dominate these days, we gardeners can dream … can’t we? mistakes, miscalculations and outright disasters may have occurred last growing season, we gardeners can take a page from the book of legendary die-hard Chicago Cubs fans and chant their mantra: “There’s always next year!” Thus, perusing the many catalogues that are likely to be stuffing Sure, we’re dealing with a frozen our mailboxes this time of year landscape, but this is the time can be not only be a therapeutic of year that most of us get those form of escapism, but can actuglorious gardening catalogues in ally benefit our future gardening the mail, promising us thebest that you can be with endeavors. Be the wonders that will bloom in spring. I always look for varieties of either fitness Yes, of course, those folks studio are prey- vegetables or plants that have been Providing Private and Partner ing upon the innate optimism that Training improved over time. Good exand Classes is second nature to every triedamples of this are newly developed • Kettle Bell and-truecgardener.eht eB matter what bush varieties of things such as htiw eb na uoy taht tseb No • Boot Camp • Yoga • Pilates • Zumba oiduts ssentif squash plants that take up so much less space in our plots than did their old-fashioned vining cousins. You should also look for varieties of plants that have been improved in the areas of disease resistance and hardiness to weather conditions. There are plants that we can grow as perennials in our particular climatic zone these days that could never have thrived here years ago. For my money, one of the most remarkable developments in plant improvement is the Knockout rose, which has given us a plant that not only blooms throughout the entire growing season but doesn’t need deadheading and is disease-resistant and hardy as well. Speaking of Knockout roses, if This “planting in threes” technique of landscaping is something I first noticed after moving to Kentucky, and it’s a great one. When we bought our property here nearly a decade ago, we found the landscapers had planted our burning bushes in clumps of three on various spots on the lawn. The result is a spectacular display of crimson each fall. By looking through gardening catalogues, you can study the available plants and their properties, such as height, length of growing season, need for sun and other qualities that will help you decide if you want them and what the optimal location will be when it comes time to plant them. One of the great things about ordering from many of these catalogues is that you don’t have to worry about having your merchandise arrive too early for planting in your climate. Many of these companies will take your order now and time the plants to arrive at your house at the optimal planting time for your area. So don’t let the snow, ice and north winds deter you from dreaming about the gardening season to come. Open up those catalogues and start planning for spring. gnin rentr dna eta that BeiarTtheaPbestvirsPesgsnaildCivdonrPyou can be with a Personal Best lleB eltteK • pmaC tooB • agoY • setaliP • (859) 523-2378 abmuZ • 250 Walton Avenue • Lexington, KY 40502 fitness studio Providing Private and Partner Training and Classes 8732-325 )958( moc.xelts anosrep • KettleeblBell.www • Boot Camp • Yoga 20504 YK ,notgnixeL • eunevA notlaW 052 • Pilates • Zumba • 250 Walton Avenue • Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 523-2378 Eastland Shopping Center 1020 Industry Rd. Ste 10 Lexington, KY 40505 859-253-0012 Mon 9-7, Tues-Sat 9-6