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4 JAN/FEB 2014 Contents Classic CARS OF CUBA Jan./Feb. 2014 LivingWell50+ is now DIGITAL: 5 7 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 18 23 24 Birdwatchers Flock Together Winter Dreams of Spring Gardens The Best Friends Approach to Dimentia Care FOOD DUDE Coq au Vin Makes an Elegant, Hearty Winter Dish Aging with Asthma TRAVEL Break out the Bikes Cars are not allowed on Grand Mackinac Island Winter Safety Reminders It Isn’t Too Late to Save for Retirement FROM THE Calendar Senior Services Directory COVER PAGE The Bourbon Trail Leads All to Kentucky Late Life Success 13 25 A Salute to Col. Sanders Cafe and Museum Showcase Birthplace of KFC 26 50 YEARS AGO… Beatles Appeared on Ed Sullivan Show 28 29 30 Through the Eye of the Artist Understanding Your Credit Score PERSON OF INTEREST Charisse Gillett FROM THE EDITOR Dear Friends, It’s 2014! What are you planning to do with this new year? A Facebook friend posted an article that encouraged adopting a theme for the new year, rather than making resolutions. “The theme should be a word that resonates with you and embodies something that has been missing from your daily life,” the article Living Well 50+ is a proud product of WRITERS STAFF Angela S. Hoover Frank Kourt Jamie Lober Abby Malik Thomas W. Miller Ph.D. ABPP Sandra W. Plant Jan Ross Martha Evans Sparks editor/staff writer STAFF WRITERS: Guest Article Provided by Chrysantha Clark, CFP, Keystone