Living Well 60+ January-February 2014 - Page 27

JAN/FEB 2014 27 Do You Have... LOOSE DENTURES or MISSING TEETH? If you answered “YES” to the question above, then we have Stabilize YOUR EXISTING UPPER DENTURE the solution for you! The Intra-Lock Mini Implant is a with Six (6) MDI Implants revolutionary new type of implant which makes it possible to replace anything from a single tooth to a full mouth restoration in only a few short visits. These Mini Implants are also great for stabilizing and supporting loose dentures. Made from titanium, Mini Implants are strong, durable and Stabilize YOUR EXISTING LOWER DENTURE with Four (4) MDI Implants Replace a SINGLE MISSING TOOTH with One (1) MDI Implant and MDI Implant Supported Crowns Replace MULTIPLE MISSING TEETH with several MDI Implants and MDI Implant Supported Crowns Holiday Savin Dr. Morgan offers FREE CONSULTATIONS CALL TODAY for YOUR APPOINTMENT! for smile make long-lasting. Plus, they require minimal bone density, which makes them perfect for denture wearers. And when compared to traditional types of implants, Intra-Lock Mini Implants are significantly more affordable, less invasive and have minimal recovery time. Join Us On Our Lumiday November 19 9:00am-5:00pm Dr. Ballard Morgan, DMD General Dentistry 859-233-7700 800-467-7535 toll free 1510 Newtown Pike, Suite 201 Lexington (GRIFFIN GATE PLAZA) Give Yourself a Gift of a Lifetime! Lumineers Smile $6,399 (Includes 8 Lumineers Reg. Price $7,999) Snap-On Smile $1,500 (Reg. Price $2,400) Dr. Ballard Morgan, DMD Join us for our Holiday event and For a limited time. Bring your coupon to the office to redeem. Cannot be combined with another coupon. Expires 2/28/14 Date an