Living Well 60+ January-February 2014 - Page 23

JAN/FEB 2014 23 More than an industry, bourbon is a culture, a history and a heritage built by generations of Kentuckians. The Bourbon Trail Leads All to Kentucky Signature libation is a proud part of state’s history by Thomas W. History and Tradition Miller Ph.D. ABPP, Staff Writer James Crow and Jason Amburgey are credited with developing the process referred to as sour mash. This process utilized fermentation. Sour mashing mixed wet solids strained from a previous batch of fermented mash, which still contained live yeast. Spent mash is known as spent beer, distillers’ spent grain and stillage. It is also called slop or feed mash because it is used as animal feed. The acid introduced by using the sour mash controls the growth of bacteria that could taint the whiskey. It creates a proper pH balance for the yeast to work. Since around 2005, all straight bourbons use a sour-mash process. Crow and Bourbon whiskey is an integral part of Kentucky history. Bourbon distilling probably arrived in the state when Scottish, Scots-Irish and other settlers began to farm Kentucky fields in the late 18th century. Their distilleries created a unique spirit that became known as bourbon in the early 19th century due to its historical association with the geographic area known as Old Bourbon country, which itself was named after the French royal house of Bourbon. Amburgey developed this refinement while working at the Old Oscar Pepper Distillery, now the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Woodford County. Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail The unique nature of bourbon can be derived from the iron-free water used in the distillation process. Since 95 percent of this corn-based, barrel-aged, caramel-colored sipping icon is distilled, aged and bottled right here in Kentucky’s bourbon country, it’s big business for the Bluegrass State. But more than an industry, bourbon is a culture, a history and a heritage built by generations of Kentuckians. The legendary Kentucky Bourbon Trail that winds through the heart of bourbon country features some of the Commonwealth’s top distilleries, including Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam and Woodford Reserve. The Urban Bourbon Trail in Louisville features bourbon bars, each of which is required to serve at least 50 different kinds of bourbon and hold at least one bourbon-related event each month of the year. Most of these establishments also have bourbon-related food dishes on their menus. Bourbon Distilleries Operating in Kentucky Here is a listing of some distilleries that are in operation in Kentucky. Many of them offer tours. Visit the distilleries’ Web sites for more information. • Barrel House Distilling Company • Barton Distillery • Bernheim Distillery • Boulevard Distillery • Buffalo Trace Distillery • Bulleit Distilling Company • Charles Medley Distillery • Clarke’s Distilling Company • Corsair Artisan Distillery • Early Times Distillery • Four Roses Distillery • Heaven Hill Distillery • Jamieson Distillery • Jim Beam Distillery • Josiah Thedford & Sons • Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd. • Maker’s Mark Distillery • McLain & Kyne Distillery • Old Rip Van Winkle • Small Batch Distillery • The Old Pogue Distillery • The Woodford Reserve Distillery Lexington Branch Now Hiring! Compassionate, Branch Now Hiring! trust Lexington affordable care you can ARE YOU DISABLED? Home health aides HAVE YOU APPLIED FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY? Customized, affordable care ARE YOU CAUGHT UP IN RED TAPE? Home a day, 7 days a week 24 hours health aides Certified Nurses aides or 1 hour a day, 1 day a week Certified Nurses aides • • • • • • An experienced Social Security Claims Advocate can help you: Competitive pay Flexible hours Personal Care & Support Competitive Transportation pay Homemaking Flexible hours Medication Reminders Respite Care Colostomy/Incontinence Care 859.543.CARE (2273) (2273) 859.543.CARE • By assisting you in filing your initial application. • Filling out and filing your appeals. • Gather medical and other important information to submit to Social Security. • Contact your doctors to obtain a report of your medical condition. • By obtaining documents from your Social Security file and review them. • By presenting opening and closing statements at your hearing that will state how you meet the Social Security listing of being disabled. Apply online! For Apply online! a FREE CONSULTATION of your claim call Patsy R. Hughes, Disability Claims Advocate, We accept long-term care policies, private pay via check, bank draft or major credit cards. No additional charge for nights and weekends. 1-859-263-7780. (859) 543-CARE (2273) for a FREE personal consultation NO FEE IS PAID UNLESS YOU WIN