Living Magazine Winter Living Magazine 2015/2016 - Page 21

WHAT WAS THE LONGEST AND MOST CHALLENGING EXPEDI­TION THAT YOU’VE EVER DONE? WHY WAS IT SO CHALLENGING? Its funny you ask about the longest and most challenging as the most challenging expedition that I have most recently been on was one of our shortest trips. This was due to the April 25 earthquake that struck Nepal. Alpenglow Expeditions was running an Everest Expedition on the north side of the mountain in Tibet and we were just beginning our climb as the earthquake happened. The earthquake and its devas­tation pushed the Chinese to close Everest on the north side, which brought our expe­dition to a quick close. The politics and log­istics following the closure were by far some of the toughest challenges I have ever had on a climbing trip. We as the guides had to constantly manage the expectations and emotions of our guests all while work­ing with the local liaisons that were forcing us to leave. We were also very concerned as our Sherpa were quite disconnected from their families and we were trying as hard as possible to gather as much information as we could as to the condition of their homes, villages, and most importantly, their families. So overall, this past Everest expedition was very challen­ging as we were dealing with being told that we couldn’t climb, we couldn’t leave the country, but yet