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INNOVATIVE WAY TO INFLUENCE EMOT IONS Scientists and psychologists have spent centuries trying to understand the phenomena we refer to as emotions. Although science can not yet definitively explain the exact mechanisms, we do know that emotions have vast influence on well-being. Employing the most current research and the purest essential oils, the new dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy blends are unique volatile aromatic compounds that address the emotions that so greatly influence your health. Although the term was not coined until the 20th century, aromatherapy has been used to influence emotions for thousands of years. How essential oils influence emotions through their aroma is a fasci­ natingly complex process. While much is known about aromatherapy, we are just beginning to understand the connection between scent and emotions. It wasn’t until the early 1990s, with a Nobel prize winning study by Linda Buck and Richard Axel, that biologists began to understand the chemical sensors responsible for the remarkable effects of scent. Recently, olfactory sensors were discovered to be present not only in our nose, but also in 34 / WINTER 2015 LIVING MAGAZINE our skin, a discovery that has a multitude of implications for the future of aroma­ therapy research and essential oil use (Busse, et al.). Scent is an amazingly powerful tool that we can use to influ­ ence our lives in a multitude of ways. Experience for yourself The foundation of all CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils is chemistry. Chemical constituents and their concentrations determine the benefits and aroma of these gifts of the Earth. Use of the Emotional Aroma­ therapy blends is predicated on their unique chemical profiles. Included in the kit is an instructional diagram that breaks down categories of essential oils to help guide use based on the chemistry and composition of each blend. The diagram is broken up into six different categories: mints, citrus, spices, herbs and grasses, trees, and florals. Each category is known to have broad constituent profiles that elicit specific emotional responses. Combining them in precise ratios creates an entirely new spectrum of benefits. The triggers and responses are uniquely individual, but the one constant is that we all have emotions. For one person, the sweet smell of Cheer may be uplifting by reminding them of a childhood playing in the citrus groves; for another it may prompt feelings of distress due to a totally different experience. The beauty of the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit is that the uses for the new blends are limitless and best results will come from experimenting with them on your own. While we know, based on chemistry and aromatherapy research, that the blends tend to stimulate specific emo­tional responses, how they will benefit you is highly individual. The Emotional Aromatherapy diagram should be used as a guide for initial use, but experiment to discover their true value for you. The dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy System is an innovative way to become familiar with the benefits of aroma­ therapy and help balance your moods, promoting overall well-bein ˈ^\