Living Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 35

T o maintain healthy immune function, I take 2 drops Melaleuca, 2 drops dōTERRA On Guard,® and 2 drops of Frankincense daily.* I apply Patchouli to skin imperfections on the face and body, and Helichrysum to fine lines and wrinkles on my face and neck. My favorite diffuser blend: 3 drops Cypress, 3 drops Douglas Fir, and 2 drops Lime. I apply a few drops of Whisper® or dōTERRA Passion™ blend to dryer balls. They make your clothes smell heavenly! –Amy Johnson, Product Marketing I ’ve been using the Verage™ skin care line for over a year now, and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin! I also take the DigestZen TerraZyme® and the MicroPlex MVp™ supplements every day and always notice how much better they make me feel overall. Elevation™ is one of my favorite oils; it always helps me feel relaxed and uplifted after a long day. –Kyra McDaniel, Recognition Services I use Correct-X® on almost a daily basis for a variety of things. I love the convenience of Correct-X and carry a tube in my pocket, my briefcase, my car, and my desk at work. Also, I take LLV and dōTERRA On Guard+ Softgels daily for added support to my immune system and overall health.* I use Lavender, Melaleuca, and Frankincense regularly. I also keep lots of Deep Blue® Rub and Deep Blue oil around for exercise related support. I’m a novice and non-competitive sprint triathlon enthusiast competing (with my wife and some of my children) in a couple of events each year. Due to my lack of serious year round training, I seem to need excessive amounts of Deep Blue to get through my non-routine training sessions! –Corey Lindley, Founding Executive, Chief Financial Officer M y absolute favorite essential oils are dōTERRA Balance,® Frankincense, and Arborvitae. dōTERRA Balance was the very first dōTERRA oil I was introduced to, and it never fails to help me feel calm in the middle of a crazy day. Frankincense has been fantastic for my skin, and I also love to put it along my spine in the morning. Arborvitae is my favorite oil to diffuse along with a little Cedarwood and Frankincense. –Sharlin Bird, U.S. Marketing * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. / 35 / 35