Living Magazine Summer 2016 | Page 2

IN THIS ISSUE Summer 2016 features NATIVE 6 CANADA The Arborvitae and Nootka Co--Impact Sourcing story KIDS 8 DIY: Keeping your kids busy during the summer break RECOVERY 10 EXERCISE When enough is enough TO PACK 14 HOW 10 smart tips just in time for your summer vacation ALL ABOUT THAT HAIR 22 IT’S The secrets to strong and healthy hair GURU 25 dōTERRA Crossword Puzzle FOOTPRINT 28 GLOBAL Making a difference around the world OIL DAILY ROUTINE 34 ESSENTIAL From dōTERRA founding executives and your corporate team 24 departments 30 26 6 4 Ask Dr. Hill 5 Essential Oil Spotlight–Basil 12 Slim & Sassy®–How to dress when you weigh less 14 AromaTouch®–Introduction 18 Guy’s Guide to Grilling 19 Idea Notebook: Handy tips and tricks you will love 20 Make Over Your Makeup Bag 24 Essential Oil Spotlight­–Clary Sage 26 Essential Summer Recipes with Katie Goodman 30 dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation: dōTERRA Wellness Advocate project in Mozambique, Africa 32 Essential Science: Why more H2O dōTERRA PRODUCT GUIDE, (see pages 36–51) © 2016 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC