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® 2014 SLIM & SASSY GRAND PRIZE WINNER ANDREW MARSHALL After many years of struggling with obesity, Andrew lost over 67 lbs. and 21 percent of his total body mass! He took control of his lifestyle and changed almost every aspect of his wellness in three short months. "I am no longer the person I once was." DECISION TO CHANGE Having worked in the medical field, I have seen the terrible complications that can arise from poor life choices. Although many health conditions can’t be avoided, everything I was dealing with was a direct result of my poor health habits. It got to the point that my health interfered with my personal obligations as well as my academic pursuits. I was unable to enjoy all the activities that I used to do for fun. I began to experience multiple health problems ranging from excessively high blood pressure to pre-diabetic symptoms. I no longer had the energy to keep up with my kids and found myself telling them “no” more often 6 / FALL 2014 LIVING MAGAZINE than “yes” when they asked me to play or do something active. That’s not the kind of father I wanted to be. Having passively tried and failed to make healthy changes and lose weight in the past, I was fearful of my future. I knew massive changes must be made and this time my whole heart and soul had to be in it. FINDING MOTIVATION I realized it was important to find motivation anywhere I could. My initial motivation came from realizing the state of my health. As I began to make changes, I found motivation in thinking of my future with my children. I found motivation in my increased energy and well-