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IN THIS ISSUE Winter 2018 features BEAN—dōTERRA® PERFORMANCE 6 SHOSHANA ADVOCATE Passion for performing, from Broadway to top solo artist OF YOGA & THE dōTERRA YOGA 8 BENEFITS COLLECTION Find out how you can benefit from incorporating yoga practice into your lifestyle DIFFUSER BLENDS WITH FRANKINCENSE 11 8 Create divine aromas for peace and overall wellness TO YOU dōTERRA essential oils from start 14 SOURCE to finish LIVES ONE FLOWER AT A TIME 16 CHANGING Sourcing Jasmine and Neroli essential oils from Egypt THE STEREOTYPE Essential oils 20 BREAKING and men FOR ORGANIZING YOUR ESSENTIAL OIL 26 TIPS COLLECTION Including DIY simple and affordable essential oil hexagon shelf ESSENTIAL OIL INFUSED HAND-KNITTED 30 DIY: WOOL BLANKET Keep cozy and warm this winter 2017 YEAR END REVIEW Reflecting on 34 dōTERRA the past and looking to the future TO GIVE® PROGRAM New Year’s resolution for 36 FREE your financial freedom 5 departments 16 4 Ask Dr. Hill 5 Essential Oil Spotlight: dōTERRA Siberian Fir 12 dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®: Breaking the Guinness World Record 18 Aroma Touch®: The Science of Aroma & Touch 22 Slim & Sassy®: Featuring Sherry Marshal 2017 Slim & Sassy Competition Grand Prize Winner 24 Essential Recipes: Winter Breakfast 24 28 Scientific Advisory: Love the Skin You’re In by Dr. Amy Wolthoff, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist 8 32 Essential Oil Spotlight: Blue Tansy 38 dōTERRA Product Guide–Quick shopping reference for all products Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. do-TERRA On Guard ® dōTERRA PRODUCT GUIDE (see pages 38–55) © 2018 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC Sanitizing Mist 60201944 0.9 fl. oz. / 27 mL $8.67 retail $6.50 wholesale 5 PV