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IN THIS ISSUE Summer 2017 features 6 SUMMERTIME Essential oil diffuser blend recipes. GUIDE TO YARD CARE Everything from driveway maintenance to gardening, 14 GUY’S watering, and using essential oils. AND REUSE Create a perfect personal space for your kids where they 22 UPCYCLE can play and use their imaginations during summer months. LABOR AND DELIVERY SERIES The Homebirth Choice with Stephanie Fritz, 24 ESSENTIAL the Essential Midwife. HIGHTOWER, San Francisco 49’rs running back, shares his NFL personal journey and favorite dōTERRA 26 TIM products. 7 IN THE SUN 28 FUN Essential oil infused DIYs for the beach days. SOURCING 30 SPIKENARD Gift from the Peaks. WEDDING-PLANNING GUIDE If you are planning your big day, here are a few tips to 32 THE make your experience less stressful. New customer experience. 34 INTRODUCING FREE TO GIVE PROGRAM 35 dōTERRA Find out how you can get out of debt and reach financial independence. LEMONADE RECIPE with healthy 36 HOMEMADE ingredients and essential oils. departments 22 26 10 4 Ask Dr. Hill 5 Essential Oil Spotlight: Grapefruit 8 Nutrition Corner: Eating in Season 10 Essential Recipes: Homemade and Fresh Summer Dinner Table 12 dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™: Empowering Women Worldwide 16 Scientific Advisory–Essential Oils: Gift of the Earth for All to Enjoy by Jessica Herzog, MD, FAAP, ABHIM 18 Essential Oil Spotlight: Fennel 19 Idea Notebook: Favorite essential oils recipes, tips, and time savers 20 Slim & Sassy®: An inspiring story of a girl who doesn’t let life’s obstacles stand in her way 37 AromaTouch®: Serve and Empower Others 38 dōTERRA Product Guide: Quick shopping reference for all products dōTERRA PRODUCT GUIDE (see pages 38–55) © 2017 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC