Living Magazine doTERRA Spring 2017 | Page 2

Spring 2017 IN THIS ISSUE features 6 PETITGRAIN Co-Impact Sourcing from Paraguay DELIVERY WITH DR. GREGORY WOODFILL, DO, FACCOG Tips to enhance your 14 ESSENTIAL birth experience AND REUSE Creative ways to use your empty dōTERRA bottles and 18 UPCYCLE containers GUIDE TO FACIAL PRIDE Maintenance tips for the rugged and smooth 20 GUY’S 22 LAVENDER Fun facts, recipes, and DIYs DAY: ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY 26 EARTH 7 Things you can do to make a difference CLEANSE MAKEOVER 28 BODY 30-day renewing and cleanse plan OIL MATCHING GAME Let’s see how well you know your essential oil botanicals 32 ESSENTIAL YOUR WINGS AND FLY Liz Freeman shares her experience as a professional sky 34 SPREAD diver and wingsuit BASE jumper 16 DAILY ROUTINE Learn how you can incorporate essential oils into 36 dōTERRA your daily life departments 34 4 Ask Dr. Hill 5 Essential Oil Spotlight–Coriander 8 Nutrition Corner–Eating for Recovery 10 Essential Recipes–with Jenna Rammell 10 12 dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™–Lesvos Hope and Healing In Time of Crisis 22 16 Essential Oil Spotlight–Oregano 17 Idea Notebook–favorite essential oils recipes, tips, and time savers 30 AromaTouch–Benefits for Essential Oils and the AromaTouch® Technique 38 dōTERRA Product Guide–Quick shopping reference for all products dōTERRA PRODUCT GUIDE (see pages 38–55) © 2016 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC