Living as Missionary Disciples Workbook Fourfold Methodology - Page 9

Reflection Questions Bishop Frank Caggiano stresses that the foundational level of encounter is “meeting in a living, vibrant, personal, and loving way the person of Jesus Christ.” Recall a time when you have experienced a moment of spiritual encounter that was “living, vibrant, and loving.” What about this experience transformed you? How have you continued to transform since this moment? How has this moment called you to witness to others? Everyday circumstances can be conduits of connection to know Jesus Christ and to evangelize. Consider two or three circumstances that could be moments of encounter. How are these everyday moments opportunities for a spiritual connection? Bishop Frank Caggiano discusses ways to foster the encounter with Jesus Christ (e.g. the Eucharist, Sacred Scriptures, Works of Mercy). Which methods are your strengths and which are your weaknesses? How do you listen and respond to Jesus Christ in your daily life? We participate in two families - our natural family and our grace family - how do you support others in their spiritual growth within these two families? 4 | Encounter