Live Still Points Volume 6, May 2015 - Page 8

Performing and explaining a seated flexion test.

Treating the soft tissues.

On April 11th the medical students of Pacific Northwest University hosted the annual Run For Your Life 5K and health fair to promote health in the Yakima Valley. Before during and after the event spectators and race participants were invited to participate in an osteopathic screening. This gave the students an opportunity to get hands on practice with patients who may have acquired a somatic dysfunction while training for or competing in the race. It also was a great opportunity to spread the word throughout the community about the D.O. profession and the kind of things that a D.O. can do to treat pain and other injuries. The event was a great success and the participants really enjoyed learning about and experiencing OMM.

Run For Your Life and Health at PNWU

Travis Podbilski


Chapter National Representative