Live Still Points Volume 6, May 2015 - Page 16


Fending Off the Dog Days at the End of the Block

It was a week before the end of the block and, as it goes, stress levels were through the roof. What better way to combat the stress of finals than with wet puppy noses and some OMT! At the beginning of April we had a wellness mixer between our school and the local vet school, Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. The vet students brought dogs that were up for adoption for everyone to play with and possibly adopt, if you were looking for a new furry friend. They were also clipping the nails of the animals brought by VCOM students. The med students got some much needed puppy love, while the vet students were able to sign up to get treated.

This wellness event was a great way to spread the knowledge about osteopathic medicine to other professionals in training. We share a parent school, Virginia Tech, but a lot of the vet students had never heard of our school or about Osteopathy. This was a perfect opportunity to not only tell them who we are, but show them what we can do! Many were skeptical at first, but when the pains of long hours of studying were gone within minutes due to a few specific techniques, we had many new believers. I could not think of a better way to spread the word about Osteopathy than with our best tools… our hands.

Samantha Falls

Chapter National Representative