Live Still Points Volume 6, May 2015 - Page 12



Common dysfunctions in pregnant patients

The session began with 15-20 first and second year students joining to find out how an osteopath would approach treating a pregnant patient’s dysfunction in the office. Dr. Anna Wright, DO, Assistant professor provided expert instruction and gave a brief lecture about her approach. Everything she taught was meant to be “quick, efficient, and very effective” in correcting parts of the body that are typical dysfunctions for pregnant women because they represent transition points in the body. Dr. Wright had students look into 3 areas of the body with common dysfunction: the lumbosacral pelvis, the ribs, and the diaphragm. The treatment modalities she utilized were FPR, functional methods, muscle energy, and LAR. While unfortunately there were no pregnant patients on hand to work with, it was a great session to practice refining treatment techniques as well as how to treat a new type of patient.

By Jack Barkin, Chapter National Representative