Live Still Points Volume 4, October 2014 | Page 2

Table of Contents

Page 1 Updates from members of the National Board

Page 2 BioBasics Course Ad

Page 3 "Greet and Treat" LMU-DCOM

Page 4 "How Well Do You Know Dr. Surve?" Rowan-COM

Word Search by OUHCOM

Page 5 "Quote that Osteopath" RVU-COM

Page 6 "Mentor" PNWU-COM

Page 7 TCOM Chapter Submission

Page 8 "We Can and We DO Save the Day!" KCUMB-COM

Allergy Treatment- VCOM Carolinas Campus

Page 9 "SAAO Superhero" Drawing TUCOM

Page 10 "New Cranial Elective Offered at AZCOM"

Page 11 "Spreading Osteopathic Principles and Techniques

Throughout the Globe" TUN-COM

Page 12 Crossword Puzzle, LECOM-Erie

Page 14 "OMT Reduces Postural Asymmetries Associated with Lateral Spinal Curvatures" PCOM

Page 16 "PCOM SAAO Table Purchasing Guide"

Page 17 "PCOM's SAAO Dr. Blood Adventure"