LIVE NOW with Carson Wealth Issue 4 - Winter 2022 - Page 6

Stakeholder Updates

Shane Heizer
Jake Stone
Ashley Sowers
2021 was an exciting year both professionally and personally for the Stone family . Earlier in the year , I transitioned to the Wealth Advisor role , and my passion to serve our clients grows more each day . My wife has continued to serve our local community here in Johnson City as an ICU nurse while continuing her education to become a Family Nurse Practitioner .
Our most exciting news is that we are expecting our firstborn child in April of 2022 ! Abby and I are excited about the next chapter in our lives as parents and look forward to what the future has to offer .
Our most valuable asset in life is time , so with that said , I am blessed to work with such an amazing group of colleagues and clients each year . I hope that the holiday season brought you joy and happiness ! Jake Stone , MBA , RFC ®, Wealth Advisor
Going into 2021 , there was for many a hope of turning the COVID corner . Although it stuck around , I ’ ve strongly encouraged my clients to keep a positive mind-set and frame things as silver linings . An example of this is the leap forward in digital adoption . Whether it be deliveries at your door or working from home , the world has digitally leapt a decade because of COVID . We ’ ve certainly had our fair share of technology hiccups , but our team is now more adaptable when it comes to serving you and your family .
The learning curve in our industry is steep , be it changes to the tax code or newer asset classes . Last year was full of intellectually fun conversations revolving around how to optimize your financial plan . I look forward to continuing serving you in your financial life . And I look forward to seeing you in the new year ! Shane Heizer , Wealth Advisor
Jake is not registered with Cetera Advisor Networks , LLC . Shane is not registered with Cetera Advisor Networks , LLC .
The year 2021 was been a crazy but wonderful year for the Hammond household ! Aaron and I welcomed a new addition to our family , little Isabell Arrena . We are excited to embark on this new chapter of our lives and look forward to the challenges and joys she will bring us . We have also been working on our little homestead all year , planting even more trees and fruit bushes . We were able to enjoy a short camping trip to enjoy nature in its finest in our new camper van , which we adore , and we can ’ t wait to enjoy all the historical sites we will be able to visit in the future . Last year was a year of blessings for my family and I . I am thankful for the opportunities to continue working with you and my team at Carson Wealth . Julia Hammond , Client Service Manager
Any mention of the last two years leaves one to consider the ways the pandemic has affected us . We hope this will soon be a faded memory . In an effort to get back to normalcy , I was asked to coach Tee ball . Eighty percent of the time it ’ s chaos , and the other 20 percent consists of ,“ Well , let ’ s see if this works .” My go-to coaching move was to have the kids line up at home plate and run the bases a few times . I learned that the kids needed to burn off a lot of energy before their “ listening ears ” could receive a message . It reminded me of financial planning and working towards maintaining a sense of balance based on the individual client ’ s needs . I ’ m impressed and comforted almost daily with how resilient we have been . I ’ m also looking forward to the opportunities we have going forward . Jonathan Mullins , CFP ®, Wealth Advisor
The year 2021 was the year of trying new things ! My husband , Jeremy , and I started off the year by coaching our 10-year-old daughter Olivia ’ s volleyball team . Now that was a rewarding adventure ! Jeremy transitioned into working 100 percent from home which helps with Olivia ’ s 5th grade school schedule . Olivia was also adventurous , joining the Urbana Poms youth team , taking an acting class , and participating in a comic art drawing class . We traveled to Arizona and ventured through the Grand Canyon , took several hikes , had a sunrise horseback ride , and took some R & R days by a pool . None of these new things would be possible without my supportive team . I truly love my job and cherish the opportunities to help our clients and their families ! Here is to a wonderful 2022 . P . S . Twenty-two is my lucky number so I know it will be a fantastic year ! Ashley Sowers , Wealth Advisor
I have been an avid bow hunter since my early 20s . Connecting to my food is very important to me , so I process each part of the animal myself ensuring nothing is wasted . Angie and I are also beekeepers . Last year we implemented a new system of horizontal hives which benefits local bees and helps prevent colony collapse .
Business-wise , we have some exciting news regarding a family constitution initiative called Legado . This will focus on how to pass on more than money to the next generations — more to come on this soon ! Family-wise , Angie is working on her Masters in School Counseling and working on American Indigenous Studies . Our kids are all doing well , and we welcomed a new grandbaby last year . We hope you have a healthy , wealthy , wise , and happy New Year ! Scott Ford , Managing Director , Partner & Wealth Advisor
2021 has been turbulent to say the least . I have definitely learned a lot about myself and I must say I am thankful for all of the new experiences and lessons because they have led me to where I think I truly belong .
I am looking forward to the rest of 2022 , and I hope she brings all our clients , stakeholders and their families joy and shared moments . I hope everyone had a peaceful and healthy holiday season ! Mariya Scarborough , M . A . Marketing Coordinator
It was an exciting 2021 for me with Carson as I was able to meet with so many of you . My husband , John , and I love being outdoors and absolutely love camping . We owe a big thanks to Tracy and her husband , Ryan , because they recommended somewhere new for us , a campsite close to the Blue Ridge Parkway . We also drove across country for a quick trip to Salt Lake City .
We started a small construction project at our home this year . We built a deck , added a barnwood wall , and topped it off with four beams taken from an old barn . We outlined it with rocks we handpicked ourselves and placed driftwood all around it . It has been a great place to relax in the evenings and watch the sun set . Wishing you and your family the best for the new year ! Kayla Matney , Client Relationship Manager
Julia Hammond Jonathan Mullins