Live Love Sparkle : Be the Queen Woman's Day 2017 | Page 2

Live Love Sparkle


Letter from the Publishing Editor 03

By Anumita Sarkar

She: A Rainbow in the coutyard 08

By Aashka Kotecha

Enjoy the freedom of traveling light 09

By Anumita Sarkar

Finding Perspective 12

By Navya G

My Trift with solo traveling 15

By Richa Verma

Dare to Travel Solo! 16

By Mylene Gable

Encounter with Himalayas 19

By Monica Lulla

A solo self-dicovery is a must for your bucket list 21

By Melvin Shaju

When an intellectual beauty is behind the cam: 26

Shraddha Kadakia- just Click

By Swati Kumari

When lips don't speak, Eyes do! 29

By Aishwarya Baid

Re-discovering myself and taking responsibility of my own actions 31

By Kusumika Mitra

Compassion, Solidarity and Mental Health: Love in the Times of Depression


By Enakshi Nandi

Masculine wording in the job advertisements; take the gender bias out of job 36 listings: Please rewrite them!

By Swati Kumari

Book review - When I laid my eyes on ‘Amayra’ 38

By Anumita Sarkar

Be the Queen