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August / September 2015 004 - Editor’s Intro 005 - Ace Shooters - LiQUiFY Lens Heads 006 - Is This The Sharkpocalypse? 012 - Clint Guest’s Lembongan Liaisons 024 - The Tale Of Two Micks & Their Sharks 052 - Wolf Alice Interview - Post Splendour 060 - Gun Shots - LiQUiFY Sharp Shooters 092 - DJs Swimwear Runway To Summer Editor & Senior Photographer // Luke Sorensen Managing Editor // Rachel Syers Contributors // Matthew Schmidt, Mark Wilba Wilson, Stephen Walters, Nick Collins, Matt Tibbey, Conrad Petzsch-Kunze, Shayne Nienaber, Robbie Irlam, Barry Stalwart, Mordecai Atterberry, Adrian Bort, Clint Guest Contributions, advertising and enquiries welcome [email protected] 100 - Luke Workman’s Line Of Sight 106 - Dead OF Winter Festival Photo Essay 140 - Ear Candy Record Selections 146 - Darkc3ll Demolishes The USA 170 - Inside Photographer Peter Perreaux’s Hard Drives 182 - That’s Gonna Leave A Mark - Kook Fin Soup COVER SHOT Sean Harrington ducks under on the NSW / QLD border Photo by Matthew Schmidt Advertising enquiries - [email protected] LiQUiFY Magazine is published 6 times per year // © Copyright 2015 Coral Sea Media Pty Ltd // LiQUiFY is a registered trademark ® // Whilst all attempts are made to ensure accuracy and suitability; content, opinions and submissions from contributors and/or advertisers are not necessarily that of Coral Sea Media Pty Ltd or its staff, and as such are not endorsed or supported by Coral Sea Media Pty Ltd or its employees // All content in this magazine is copyright © - please respect and use the appropriate ‘share’ buttons to distribute content // No liability accepted for misuse, reprinting, distribution, sharing or publishing of content contained within // LiQUiFY reserves the right to alter or change content at any time without notification // *Some content is reproduced under the Creative Commons licensing guidelines, and accordingly rights remain with owners of those works