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Together, let’s rock the world of genetic progress Our new GeneSeek ® Genomic Profiler ™ (GGP) and Igenity ® DNA test portfolios deliver amazing power to select, manage and market seedstock and commercial cattle. Seedstock producers: ™ • Use GGP to select herd bulls and replacement heifers with more confidence and increase your rate of genetic progress. • Use GGP to profile your sale bulls to provide your bull customers with the most reliable GE-EPDs. Commercial producers: • Buy GGP tested bulls from your seedstock supplier. • Use the Igenity profile to retain and develop the heifers with the highest profit potential. • Manage the future of your cow herd with more confident selection. Neogen ® GeneSeek ® Operations 4131 N. 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68504 • 402-435-0665 • [email protected]