LIFT Annual Report 2013: Building Strong Foundations - Page 33

Be Our ROCK WE INVITE YOU TO BUILD WITH US! In order to help our members build foundations for a sustainable path out of poverty, LIFT must have strong foundations itself. For this, we rely on contributions of time, talent, and financial resources from our supporters. See below for some examples of the impact your financial contributions can have. $100,000 Scope and plan the establishment of a new resource center $25,000 Train 250 advocates to provide direct service to families $10,000 Purchase 20 computer stations for members and advocates to work collaboratively $1,000 Sponsor 4 members for a year as they chart a path to economic stability 1:20 For every dollar invested in LIFT, LIFT returns twenty dollars in outcomes for our members.* For more information, call Rich Gardner, Chief Development and Marketing Officer at 202-289-1151 or email *According to the Robin Hood Foundation Benefit-Cost Ratio