LIFT Annual Report 2013: Building Strong Foundations - Page 17

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t always easy for the college senior to handle these experiences without feeling emotionally and physically drained. Laura credits Rachel Jones, Program Coordinator at the Bronx office for reminding her: “Be kind to yourself in order to be kind to others.” In fact, at one point, the entire LIFT team rallied around Laura after a mugger assaulted her. “Everybody was so supportive,” she says. “Rachel visited the hospital with flowers and magazines. There was always someone to walk me to the subway.” The members of the English-language conversation group she started made her a card—in English—and eight days after the incident, Laura was back in the office, helping them attain their goals. “It was great to go back to work,” she says. “Members are on top of managing their own lives; they just don’t always have all the information they need.” 913 VOLUNTEERS = 77,000 VOLUNTEER HOURS 15