LIFT Annual Report 2013: Building Strong Foundations - Page 16

Laura’s STORY Finding Oneself Through Service To Others It was during her summer LIFTing in the Bronx that Tufts University Senior Laura Garbes chose a career for herself. “I was so inspired by the Bronx Defenders,” she says, referring to the group that supplies LIFT members with legal advice. “And now I want to become an immigration lawyer.” As a LIFT fellow in the summer of 2013, she worked full-time at LIFT-The Bronx’s office, within walking distance of where most members live. Enoc, for example, was originally from Puerto Rico. His wife, who was in the hospital after a kidney transplant, was coming home soon, but he knew it would be impossible for her to get up to their third-floor apartment. The fact that the apartment didn’t have hot water underscored the urgency to move, and when Enoc had a small stroke, Laura knew something had to be done right away. She enlisted the help of a LIFT advisor with expertise in housing law and helped Enoc transfer to a more suitable apartment. “That’s why LIFT works,” she explains. “Advocates learn just how far they