LIFT Annual Report 2013: Building Strong Foundations - Page 11

working toward his goals,” she recalls. “Of course I knew he would be just as serious on the job.” Gary began working at the hotel a year ago, and in August he was promoted to fulltime status. A month later, the hotel announced its impending closure, but Gary wasn’t discouraged. Instead, he started drafting his next steps. At 50, he still loves tinkering with electronics, and LIFT helped him to enroll in a GED program and to prepare for community college, where he can develop his skills. As Gary reflects on how LIFT is changing his life, he looks straight ahead and steadies his voice. “You can become pessimistic after being incarcerated,” he says. “When you’re in prison, everything is based in negativity. LIFT is opportunity. People are happy here. And sometimes,” he chuckles, “I think they are even happier than you are when you get the job, cause they all want to see you make it.” “Before LIFT, getting a job was like looking for a needle in a haystack—at night. LIFT was my flashlight.” 12,500 MEMBERS SERVED = 514% LIFT HAS INCREASED THE NUMBER OF MEMBERS WE’VE SERVED THIS YEAR 9