LIFT Annual Report 2012: oneLIFT - Page 5

Diversity We believe that diversity across all dimensions of the organization is essential to achieving our mission. Service CORE VALUE IN ACTION Diversity LIFT aims to incorporate our diversity and inclusion values into the fabric of our organizational culture. As such, we have established a commitment to four strategic goals for the year ahead: Sense of Possibility Collaboration CULTURE: In order to codify its beliefs about diversity and inclusion, LIFT must name and identify its organizational culture. In this way, LIFT can clarify what norms, behaviors, and appearances would best uphold its diversity and inclusion values. LEADERSHIP: Leaders at all levels of the organization must model inclusive leadership and work to promote LIFT’s values of diversity and inclusion externally. RECRUITMENT: LIFT must develop a recruitment plan to hire more full-time staff members of diverse backgrounds. Relationships Human Potential TRAINING: LIFT must standardize training curriculum to ensure that values of diversity and inclusion are effectively incorporated into the LIFT experience of all members. Taken together, we believe these goals set LIFT on a path towards embodying the inclusive, diverse organization we desire to be. ()1%P