LIFT Annual Report 2012: oneLIFT - Page 22

In Gratitude To Our Supporters LIFT is grateful for the support of the following individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and universities whose significant contributions help to make our work possible. Christopher Capuzzi, in memory of M. Susan Capuzzi Brian Carcaterra Stuart Carroll Samantha Carter Mary Kate and Robert Cary Wendy Casey Daniel Cavanaugh Century Bank Jeanine Cerundolo Megan Ceryanec Stephanie Chak Leona Chan Nidhi Chaudhary Courtney Chessen Claudine Chetrit Garrett Ching Richard Chisolm Sarah Chodera Lillian Choi Ronita Choudhuri Hassan Christian The First Church of Christ, Scientist, The Christian Science Publishing Society Daniel and Susan Christman Laura Clancy Kristofer Clark Alex Hegevall Clarke Danielle Egic and Andrew Cohen-Gael Catherine Colgaizer Rob Collins Jenna Collins, in honor of Theresa James Gregory Conroy Bess Tremonto Cook Lynn and Harvey Cooper, in honor of Josh Romalis David Corrini Tom Cosgrove Leslie Cottle Kay Coulson Ben Hastil and Michelle Crane Edward Crawford Stephen and Elizabeth Crawford Jason Cress Douglas and Heather Crimmins 20 Colleen Crivello John Crowley Maxwell Foster and Colleen Curran Richard and Susanne Curry Sam D’Agostino Thomas and Susan Van Dam Kathryn Dangelo Clifford Dank Steve and Nancy Dankof Daniel McLaughlin and Jennifer DaSilva Oscar and Melissa David Edward and Jennifer Davidson Susan Davidson Molly Day Marilyn Anna Day, in honor of Carrie Hutnick Gregory and Lydia DeBiase, in honor of Olivia DeBiase Rudy and Cynthia DeCanio Charlie Doheny and Catherine Decker Heather Decker Thomas and Barbara Decker, in honor of Heather Decker Jean-Pierre and Judith Deheeger Eric and Amanda Derheimer Jordan Seltzer and Khyati Desai Melinda Deuster Estela Diaz Grace and James Dickerson William and Catherine Doll Terri Domsky Meghan Donaghue Marguerite Donnelly Alison Dornheggen Matt Dougherty Jeff and Mindy Douthit Dianne Downey Andi Drileck Rachel Meadows and Josh Dubin Rachel DuBois, in honor of Juli Palomba Jeff Duquette and Amy Reiniger, in honor of Ben Hastil and Michelle Crane Karen and Dan DuVal Meredith Dworkin Peter and Sylvia Dworkin LIFT IMPACT REPORT 2012 Katie Eddins Cory Ehrenberg David and Katie Einstein Nathan Ellis Andrew McKey and Marcia Ely Kristen Erbelding Dale and Tessa Erdei Michael Erickson Robert Mark and Rebecca Evans Stonehall Farm Loie Fecteau, in honor of Katherine Conway Fellowship Bells Immanuel Presbyterian Church, in honor of Elizabeth Lodal Adiah Ferron William Fettweis Richard Fiesta Anne Ladky and Karen Fishman Irving and Joyce Fishman, in honor of Meredith Dworkin Neil and Gaillee Fitzpatrick Amanda Fitzsimons Kenneth and Julie Fixler Caterina Flanagan Kevin and Jennifer Flowers Jim Fogel and Beth Jacob, in honor of Anna Fogel Elizabeth and William M. Folberth III Julie Foley Dianne Forburger Nelson and Cecilia Ford Chris and Katie Foreman Jane and James Forrest Erin Foster Jeri Foutter Margaret and David Franks, in honor of Lindsey Lanskey Timothy and Allison Frazier, in honor of Julian Frazier Mark and Cynthia Fuller Megan Gabriel Flavius Galiber Carlo Garcia Stacia Garriott Ron Geiger Sean Geoghegan Rajeev Nath and Marisa Giorgi Albert and Sylvia Glassman Eric Gleitman Ellen Glover Susan Gmeiner Mahlet Goitom Ali Goldberg, in honor of Juli Palomba Michael and Ellen Goldin David and Felice Goldman Michael Granoff Karen Gray, in honor of Kirsten Lodal James Frick and Susan Graydon Dena Greenblum Pryce and Jennifer Greenow Danie Greenwell Rhonda Greifinger Leslie Groncki Callie Grondin Steven Guerrini Samuel and Nancy Guren Sharon and Steve Haberfeld Mark and Cathy Haggarty Stephen and Elleke Haggerty David Halperin Jessica Hamerslough Blake and Christine Hannafan Chris Hansen Tine Hansen-Turton Tom Rowland and Pat Harada Timothy Harrison Harvard University Heidi Hatfield and Charles Karelis Mary Hatfield John Hatton Matt and Katie Hayes Lisa Heck Jef and Mindy Heidekat Steven Agresta and Ellen Heiman Georgia Heisinger Ben and Althea Heisler Nancy and Robert Helfman Daniel and Cynthia Helle Brian and Pamela Henjum Miguel Hennessy Elyse Heyman Ken and Caroline Himmelman Liza Himmelman Shamus and Megan Hines Teresa Hinze, in honor of Meg Newman Kenneth Ho Richard and Carol Hochman Roger and Stephanie Hochschild Rita and Michael Hodges Dale and Stephen Hoffman Geoffrey and Megan Hoffmann Michael and Leslie Holling Corey Holman Kevin Reilly and Paige Hopkins Benjamin Huberman Stacy Huffstetler Timothy Huizenga Matthew Humbaugh Ann and Gary Hunt Carrie Hutnick Robert and Jean Hutnick, in honor of Carrie Hutnick William and Ann Hutnick, in honor of Carrie Hutnick Harris and Stephanie Hyman Ali Jost and Mike Iacavone Carly Ianuzzi James Irwin William Taft IV Sherone Ivey, in memory of Cassandra Ivey Bernard James and Valerie Moreno, in memory of Mildred Rosenfeld Jennifer Jankowski Pam and John Jaske Jonathan Jenusaitis Ayo Jimoh Michael Jogerst, in honor of Paul Brown Jody Johanna Collister and Carrie Johnson Lindsay Johnson Quinn Johnson Mitchell Kaplan and Marilyn Jones Matt Joyce Josef Jung Debra Kahn Michael Kalbfell Nathan Kamesar