LIFT Annual Report 2012: oneLIFT - Page 21

LIFTing Through the Years Find out how a LIFT Alum is finding ways to give back. While a student at the University of Pittsburgh, Greg O’Loughlin began looking for something. Something impactful to do with his college experience outside of grades and collegiate extracurriculars. Something real. Through a friend, he found National Student Partnerships, what we now know as LIFT. Greg volunteered for two years, but he wishes that he had become involved sooner. Over the years Greg watched the evolution of LIFT as an organization. When LIFT rebranded in 2009, Greg noticed a change that resonated deeply with him. “I saw LIFT refine its messaging to be aligned with its incredibly empowering approach; working with clients it was serving in a more holistic sense. It was more than helping people get over one single hurdle— finding employment or housing. It was Greg about helping individuals make their lives better for their families and themselves by discovering and addressing multiple goals. It’s truly a rare combination,” he said. Learn more about the weLIFT initiative scan the QR code or visit After working in advertising in New York since he finished college, Greg eventually decided to return to his hometown, Philadelphia. Once in Philly, Greg launched Swell, a company focused on helping small towns, businesses, and nonprofits think through marketing challenges. One of the first decisions Greg made was to use his professional talents to give back to LIFT. Currently, he is partnering with the LIFTPhiladelphia crew to help businesses lift their neighborhoods through an initiative called weLIFT. All in all, Greg has been a LIFTer for over 13 years. He stays connected to LIFT because, “being involved with LIFT goes far beyond financial support. I’m proud to have served at LIFT as a volunteer and to now support LIFT through my company.” O’LOUGHLIN LIFT ALUM LIFT IMPACT REPORT 2012 19